We are a Christian humanitarian non-profit organization dedicated to fight hunger, poverty and injustice through sustainable agriculture, livestock and community development in vulnerable communities worldwide.

Our Mission Statement:

World Nations International seeks to glorify God through sustainable agriculture, livestock and community development projects between the oppressed and the poor.

Our commitment is to pursue this mission through a holistic approach:

  • Economic Development through community-based and sustainable agricultural projects that promote creation of job opportunities, healthy food source and fair trade between the workers.
  • Environmental sustainability is targeted through approaching climate change issue, promotion of food security and sustainable production.
  • Social transformation & Spiritual growth take place through partnering with local churches to contribute to a Gospel-rooted, Christ-centered and spirit-filled church body.
  • Righteousness & Justice promoted through our methodology called Community Development Cycle (CDC) that aims to break the cycle of poverty where many vulnerable communities live in
  • Global conversation & Awareness: We aim to create a global conversation about fighting hunger and poverty through sustainable agriculture and community development projects that results in understanding, giving, involvement and prayers.

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