Our method called Community Development Cycle (CDC) is based on four major pillars:
* Fighting hunger & poverty through animal and agricultural production
* Empowering local agents of social transformation (local community leaders)
* Serving the suffering and vulnerable communities worldwide
* Multiplying house-churches among unreached people groups
We from the World Nations International believe that hunger and poverty can be overcome by social and spiritual transformation. The major expected impacts and outcomes are:

Social Entrepreneurism, Ownership & Empowerment

Equipping and training local agents of social transformation we believe that they can become  the best promoters of poverty alleviation between their own people. The World Nations International aims to create sustainable platforms for food production, job opportunities and social entrepreneurism.


World Nations Int. has partnerships in place to optimize its model and execute its mission on a potential and sustainable growth. Our key point is the promotion of collaboration between organizations and individuals with the same synergy for the advancement of food security and poverty alleviation.

Food Security, health and Education 

Our mission  is to fight against the global hunger crisis and social injustice in vulnerable communities bellow the poverty line. Hunger is identified as one of the world’s most pressing problems and root of many other social issues.


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