Extension and Agricultural Assistance – Project development

Chicken business project empowering nationals: creating job positions, wealth and community development in poorest areas of North India.


This project aimed to promote community development through the production of food, job opportunities and strengthening local entrepreneurism to fight against poverty, misery and hunger.


Bihar, North India is the third most populous State in India. It is also the poorest of all states with the lowest per capita income and a massive 41.4% of the population below the poverty line. The level of urbanization in Bihar is clearly much lower (10.5%) than the national average of about 28%.

The condition of slum dwellers is pitiable and marginal and there is very low conditions as meager accommodation, choked sewage system, open defecation, open dumping of garbage.

Main goals of the project:

  • Set up a commercial chicken farm;
  • Equip and Train local workers in how to raise healthy chickens.
  • Strengthen the local community marginalized in a poor area of the city of Patna.
  • Provide healthy food source, increase income and become a agribusiness model for the community.

Reference: Urban Poverty in Patna. A report by Ashay Jain. 2010.